Upcoming Gigs (monthly)

Minimal Bar 21.05.2019

Zeitraum Festival 30.05.2019

Frieda's Büxe 22.06.2019

Past Gigs

Past Gigs

Monella 16.05.2019

Locus Soundsystem 11.05.2019

The Watergate 05.05.2019

Innocenza Terrace Sessions 05.05.2019

CDV 03.05.2019

Marcell von Berlin 04.04.2019

Off Yard 23.03.2019
Frankfurt am Main

Monika Ross PressKit


Australian born spinstress Monika Ross is an artist who constantly raises her head above the barrier. This radio host, producer and DJ built her grounding in Sydney before immersing herself in Europe’s well nurtured house and techno scene.

Miss Ross evades easy categorisation: her sets reflect a wealth of ideas and creativity, with sounds deeply rooted into deep organic dub, tech and jazz, always adding the right amount of sensuality to her mixes and productions. Her tracks are powerful yet refined, characterized by swinging percussive grooves and infectious bass lines.

The dance floor hasn’t been the only outlet for Monika. Working as a professional audio engineer for the BBC London as well as releasing with labels such as Serialism, Metroline Limited, Rube Goldberg Series, and FA>IE make up Monika’s accomplished musical background. Her ability to stimulate a crowd, push the boundaries and her enviable record collection make Miss Ross a much sought ​after artist.



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