Insession #125

Poggio – Trommel Insession 125

No 125 from @trommelmusic insessions comes from our dear @paulo_poggio ❤️‍🔥

“Having been on our radar for sometime, we thought it was high time he joined our InSession series and @paulo_poggio comes correct with an extract from his set at @buerro__ in Mainz, Germany.
By now you should have spotted on our socials the trademark curved hangar style club that as well as boasting an impressive built in lighting rig offers sizzling dancefloor scenes on the regular. This night is clearly no different as Poggio quickly shifts through the gears pummeling the crowd with wave after wave of chest caving beats and outrageous acid basslines. As with all our InSession artists, Poggio is one to watch and to most definitely one to catch in action as soon as possible”

– @trommelmusic 🍬