Sunwaves SW25


#sunwaves #sw25
Super happy for all the support to my lovely artists Alexis Cabrera, Barem and Nekes from such a great djs as SammyDee, Petre Inspirescu, Priku and Raresh.

Sammy and Isabelle are happy with Alexis’ recent ep on YAJI Project.


Raresh playing Alexis Cabrera’s “Ghost in a Rain Coat”


Petre Inspirescu playing Nekes & Cabri “Give me Two”


FUN002 about to be fired from “unknown”’s bag


Sammy Dee playing Alexis Cabrera “id”


Sammy Dee Alexis Cabrera “acidity”


Sammy dee playing Alexis Cabrera “acidity”


Belisa sticker


Sammy Dee playing Barem “Let Go”