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Happy about the feature of Isabelle Beese (founder & owner Belisa Booking) for SheSaidSo.Berlin.

SheSaidSo is a network of women who work in the music industry where Isabelle already took part at a panel  to talk about “how to STAY RELEVANT in the music scene in the age of short attention spans and industry saturation”!

Now she did an interview to talk about her background, her goals and her advices for the next generation! Have fun reading!


Isabelle Beese – Booking Agent and Owner of Belisa Booking Agency

After finishing school, my career started with the Cocoon Music Event GmbH in 2011 continuing to work with Cocoon Recordings in Frankfurt which was a great personal pleasure since music has been my passion all along and I was already collecting records at the time. It was a huge enrichment for me and I learned so much. Of course, not to forget, my great respect and admiration for Sven Väth and his work that has inspired me for a very long time and still does today. He is the living example of taking strength and power from the music to keep going forward no matter what.
I learned and studied to become an event-manager with Cosmo Pop in Mannheim collecting a lot of experience and know-how on organizing big festivals and the different processes of the electronic music business. At the time I was also hosting the radio show “Karottes Kitchen” besides Karotte (Official Fanpage), planning the shows and inviting the different guests before moving to Berlin in 2014. In Berlin I started to work as a Booker for the Frankfurt Label RAWAX, hosting monthly events at Tresor.Berlin (OFFICIAL), where I work part time as well. Besides that I worked in a Record Store in Friedrichshain where I had the chance to work a lot with records again, what I really love and missed since my time at Cocoon Recordings.
After 1 year in Berlin I got in contact with a lot of DJs who wanted to change their agency or that were looking for one. I had some meetings and decided to start my own agency Belisa Booking with NYMA (ITS ALL IN YOU) Miss Jools (Sol Asylum) Johnny D – official (Oslo/8Bit) and Nekes (Oslo). Since then Belisa Booking started to grow with more acts like the Frankfurt legends Chris Wood & MEAT (Freebase) and finally a great live act from South America: Alexis Cabrera (fun Records)! Since then I do the worldwide bookings for them & I plan own showcases!

Goals: What motivates you? What are your objectives?:
I take my strength from the music. Thatʼs what keeps me going. Not only working for the music but actually living it with all my heart. Itʼs what makes me happy and it makes me feel very thankful to be able to work with such experienced people. I love how the older generation passes on everything to the younger ones to keep the scene alive. I know that there is so much magic out there and music is connecting people since ages. On top I take my motivation from my job. I love what I do and I love the scene. For me it is more than a job, it’s a mission to keep the good vibes alive and to spread good things and music in the world. For me the electronic music scene is similar to all the music scenes before. Like it was with Rock, Jazz, or Blues! An older generation started to enjoy something together in times where people weren’t allowed to talk and move freely in public and were not allowed to enjoy a lot of things. So they did it behind the curtain. It’s all a kind of a revolution! Festivals like Woodstock are more than just a feeling they are a way of living. And this is what it is about: Electronic music is for me the latest scene to develop, the latest to be invented and that brings like minded people together. After all the years the music got inspired and formed by other influences other people and many different styles were born, from underground to commercial, from Deep House to EDM. Pretty much the same thing happened to the other musical genres in the past for example like Punk evolved from Rock´n´Roll. I think we should keep the spirit of sharing together and enjoying and spreading the message of freedom and equality no matter what music style you like. Its more than entertainment. On the dance floor we are all the same and this is a very inspiring thing for me in a world were a lot has to do with the ego. We have to pass this on to the next generation and make sure the spirit is kept alive.
Thatʼs a big motivation!

It was not my plan to start my own booking agency.
It was sure that I want to stay in the music scene, but it wasn’t sure what to do. After all the years of working in different sections: Booking, Recording, Event Managing, Marketing, Promotion, Event production etc.
Every section has something interesting, but the work with vinyl has always been the biggest pleasure for me.
Arriving in Berlin confronted me with various problems that our scene has to deal with and I noticed even in the short time I have been part of the scene things have been changing a lot. Big agencies become smaller, artists leave and there is no base anymore, i’s just a continuous change.
Many artists were frustrated or unhappy with their agencies so I decided to start my own. Itʼs a lot different with us because we are more like a little family and everyone gets the attention and work they deserve.

Personal advice to the new generation of woman who would like to make their career in the
music industry:
I would give the same advice to anyone, no matter the job, just do it! Always listen to your heart and do what ever you feel is right. I know that the music scene is still a men domain, but this shouldn’t scare you off! Believe in yourself! Everything else wont be consistent. You have to take into consideration that if you want to do what you love it’s a very long way and needs a lot of work and discipline. Be patient and donʼt let anyone pressure you. Everything will grow with time you never know what will come so just go with the flow believe in yourself and never give up.
Another motivation for you could be the positive aspect of the music scene that People from all over the world come together to enjoy music and to work for it, music is the global and universal connection and language everyone understands. For example: I have become more mature and I have learned so much from the people that have crossed my way. Everybody has a different
background and it’s great to exchange ideas and share wisdom. This should show you that its worth it to spend your time in the music industry and that you will learn a lot.

So its up to you! Keep the scene alive!



Belisa Booking:


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