Little Helpers 364

Barem & Butane – Little Helpers 364 

Barem teamed up with labelhead Butane for the next release on Little Helpers.

“Opening with the organic rolling grooves of 364-1 the duo expertly showcases a masterclass in refined production techniques, loaded with the energy to move any dancefloor. 364-2 employs bubbling synth lines, ice-cold hi hats and echoing vocals, while 364-3 introduces slick house chords, skipping drum arrangements and a clever, evolving lead line. 364-4 takes on a more minimal funky style, harnessing a murky low-end beneath sweeping synths and tweaked-out vocals. The package rounds out with an DJ-edit of the previous cut stripping back the vocals and laying the focus on the tracks menacing bassline and percussive elements to shape up the EP in impressive fashion.”