The Vinyl Market

The Vinyl Market + Panel talk by Isabelle Beese – Napoleon Komplex Berlin

Amazing new passion project of our lovely friend @jazzy_jost 🌞

You can find us on the 28th of may at her at @napoleon.komplex , alongside @rawaxmusic , Melchior productions ( @my_king_is_light ) , @tresorberlin and many more!

Our dear Isabelle will hold a 2h Panel talk focusing on ‘The future of vinyl and the digital future for the electronic music industry’ and ‘From the idea to the shelf. What it takes to produce, master, release and play vinyl.‘

Francesco Passantini (Vinyl2go)
Max Gössler ( Intakt! Pressing)
Clement (Autonomies NFT)
Miguel Vela Rivas (ESHK)
André Galluzzi (Artist & Label owner)
Thomas Melchior (Artist & Label owner)
Idriss D (Artist & Label owner)
Daniel Paul Behnemann (Artist, Label owner & Mastering)
Frederic Schäfer (Music Matters Mastering)