Trommel Premiere


The lone A side track ‘Blue’ is reminiscent of the UK’s golden era of tech-house in the mid-’90s. A lot of house music being churned out has a distinct lack of character and individuality but that never seems to be the case with Salty Nuts.

The quirky bassline is oozing with funk whilst the keyboard chords and oddball hardware sounds, later on, continue to give the track an extra kick. Considering the standard of flow and groove within this one, it’s hard not to see it being a mainstay in sets through summer.

On the flip side, we have ‘Give Me Two’, a far more serious track that’s darker in tone and more of the minimal variety. Title track ‘El Mavelo’ finishes off the B side with its bouncy claps and murky vocals.

The ‘El Mavelo’ EP will be available to purchase shortly from Juno, Deejay or any record shop of your choice.[:]