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Step into our odyssey across the vast expanse of space and time. Immerse yourself in the sonic waves we’ve meticulously crafted. Within this auditory voyage, discover sounds both distant and intimate, luminous and shadowed, resonating loudly or softly—ebb and flow like waves, wet or dry, warm or cold. It’s a journey that evokes a spectrum of emotions akin to the varied landscapes of your travels.

Our album, “light house,” was born from inspiration found in words; we embarked on a musical exploration, painting the canvas of sound with our responses to these linguistic prompts.

Excitingly, we’re set to bring this album to life through a live performance accompanied by an intergalactic visual journey—navigating the universe with stops at unseen and captivating destinations. At the microphone will be our storyteller, Zooey Faust.

Wellen marks the fulfillment of a long-standing desire—to create an ambient album. The inception of this dream traces back to 1997, when both of us participated in the analog jam session resulting in “moonflight 1557 – 08,” eventually released in 2006 as Compass 4 on Cabinet Unreleased Classics.