The Joint

The Joint – 29.05.2023 – Club der Visionäre

We are excited to unveil our new party series,”The Joint”, which will kick off on May 29th at @club_der_visionaere 🪩

For our first party we are pleased to welcome our dear friend @penelope__cz from @ringsofneptuneagency , whose exceptional skills in mixing and selecting music have earned her a renowned reputation on international dance floors and festivals such as 🍃

Joining Penelope is the talented Slovenian artist @m.oare , who has spent over a decade honing his signature sound. The lineup is completed by @kosta__n and @nace_tzena from racing team, and @nekes_nekes , the beloved member of our Belisa family.

We are committed to delivering fresh and exciting sounds that will keep everyone moving and grooving all night long.

We are also celebrating Kosta’s birthday. For everyone who was involved last year, you know the thrill!

We would like to extend a big thank you to @reza.hasni for shaping the identity of our party, which centers around the idea that music can open up portals in our minds 💗