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Past Gigs

Heideglühen 16.03.2024

Bass Cab Book me

We’re Daniel Paul and DJ Trike, companions in music since 1994, better known as integral parts of Compass and Horseshoe, boasting releases on Cabinet Records Berlin.

Under the moniker Bass Cab, our mission is to transport you into a rhythmic realm where we deliver a satisfying bass massage on the dance floor. Infused with funk and laced with mesmerizing, hypnotic elements, each live set is a unique experience that evolves over time, while staying rooted in the classics.

We kicked off our journey with a memorable performance at Club der Visionäre Berlin and continued the groove at ‘Globus/Tresor’ for Barbara Preisinger’s Deep in the Box. Anticipate the arrival of the first-ever Bass Cab vinyl, slated to grace the shelves in late fall 2023, courtesy of our home label, Cabinet Rec.